General Overview

The Internal Third Party Authorization/Contract process is intended to be used by departments of the University of Wisconsin – Madison. External Third Party Tuition Sponsors should click on the following link for information:

Once a department has determined that a student qualifies for a third party contract, the department will submit the Internal Third Party Authorization Form to the Bursar's Office Secure Website. The Bursar's Office reviews the file, prepares the file, and posts the information directly to the student's tuition account as an Internal Third Party credit.

If any portion of the student's tuition and fees is not covered by a third party contract and/or remission, the student must pay the remaining balance before the tuition due date in order to avoid a late payment fee.

Third Party credits posted to student accounts with active financial aid will not be refunded until the Financial Aid Office has an opportunity to review the student's aid and repackage it per federal regulations.

The Bursar's Office then generates Third Party Tuition Invoices after the last add or drop date for the students. The departments are expected to submit payment as soon as possible (within 60 days of receiving the Third Party Invoice).