Internal Third Party Tuition Contract Policy

When a UW department wishes to pay for a student's tuition and/or fees, the department must first determine the appropriate type of payment; Tuition Remission, Scholarship, or Internal Third Party Contract.

Tuition Remission: Waives a portion of tuition and/or fees for students with qualifying appointments—

Scholarship Awards intended to funnel the money to the student’s cost of attendance, tuition and/or other educational needs. This means if the student is receiving other aid, the student can receive a refund of the scholarship—

Internal Third Party Contract: Transfers all or a specific portion of tuition and/or fees to the department. Departments determine their own policy of what tuition and/or fees they will authorize (this may be driven by funding restrictions) as an Internal Third Party Contract. The department is invoiced directly by the Bursar’s Office. If charges are reduced, any resulting refunds will go back to the department—

Internal Third Party Authorization

When a UW department acts as a Third Party, they are authorizing the Bursar’s Office to defer a student’s tuition and/or fees and invoice the department.

Determine which Internal Third Party Authorization Form should be used for your students.

  • Instructions on completing the Authorization Forms:
  • Instructions to Upload Authorization: After completing the authorization form it must be uploaded to the Bursar’s secure website. Instructions for the upload process:

    **NOTE: If you cancel or change a third-party authorization that has already been submitted, you must submit a separate authorization form notifying us of the cancellation/change and notify the student of the cancellation/change.
  • Timing: It is important to receive this information prior to student bills being processed. Please submit the authorization form on or about the following dates: Fall – August 15th, Spring – December 15th, Summer – April 15th. It is recognized that exceptions may occur causing authorization forms to be submitted late. It is expected that the department will make every effort to ensure that exceptions are limited and follow up immediately.
  • Invoice: The Bursar’s Office will email an invoice to the department after the last add/or drop date for the term.
  • Payment: Payments are processed as an Inter Departmental Transfer. Instructions:
    • Nonpayment by the department will result in the third-party authorization being cancelled, and the student will be responsible for the charges.

Contact Information

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