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My Corporate Card Policies and Procedures

The State of Wisconsin has contracted with US Bank to offer University authorized travelers a state-issued personal liability credit card, the My Corporate Card, as an alternate method of payment for official, state business travel expenses and miscellaneous business-related supply purchases. The policies and procedures in this document define eligibility, responsibility, and proper card usage. They are designed to ensure that individual cardholders and those responsible for supervising cardholders comply with this manual, the University of Wisconsin–Madison travel and expense reimbursement policies, and Purchasing Services Purchasing Policies and Procedures. If you use the My Corporate Card, you do so with an understanding of and under the conditions set forth in these policies and procedures.

Benefits of Using the My Corporate Card

The My Corporate Card streamlines and automates travel and expense reimbursement for travelers. Reimbursable expenses are claimed via GET or e-Reimbursement and can be paid directly to US Bank, by the University, on behalf of the cardholder.


The My Corporate Card provides the following special terms and conditions:

  • No annual fees
  • Non-invasive credit assessment (inquiries are not reflected on your personal credit records)
  • $500,000 common carrier insurance
  • $1,250 lost or stolen luggage insurance
  • $1,000 hotel/motel theft insurance
  • Collision damage or theft insurance up to the full value of the rental car

How to Obtain a My Corporate Card

To be eligible for the My Corporate Card, the individual must meet the following criteria:

  • Have an active UW-Madison appointment (permanent, project, or LTE)
  • Typically travel one or more times per year
  • Meet requirements identified by US Bank on its application materials

To apply for the My Corporate Card, complete the automated application. The application will be routed electronically to your supervisor for approval and then to the Program Administrator, Meghann Grove, for processing.  All cards are set up with a credit limit of $5,000. Higher limits may be requested with a letter of justification to the Program Administrator.  My Corporate Cards are delivered to the cardholder within 7-10 business days after they are ordered.

Note: Applicants must have an active appointment in order to submit the automated application.

Approved Uses of the My Corporate Card

The My Corporate Card may only be used for expenses related to official University business. Appropriate use includes all reimbursable travel-related expenses, such as airfare, lodging, car rental, meals, conference/meeting registrations and ground transportation.


Regardless of the cardholder’s travel status, the My Corporate Card may also be used to purchase incidental, low-dollar business-related items when a Purchasing Card is not available, or when  the required items are not available through other campus procurement methods such as Shop@UW or Direct Payment.  Cardholders are expected to search for items available through the Shop@UW storefront ( before purchasing items elsewhere with the card when they are not in travel status. Receipts are required for all incidental purchases.


Note: The card may also be used for non-reimbursable expenses when it is not practical for a merchant to separate the non-reimbursable charges onto a different bill (e.g. a meal that exceeds the maximum allowed, where only part of the cost will be reimbursed).

Prohibited Use of the My Corporate Card

The following are not allowed on the My Corporate Card. Please note that this list is not all inclusive:

Corporate card expenses are reviewed and audited by the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration, the Legislative Audit Bureau, UW-System Administration and UW-Madison Business Services, in accordance with the My Corporate Card policy.

Documentation Requirements

All purchases must comply with the receipt retention policy. All documents related to the My Corporate Card may be fully disclosed as a public record to the extent provided for by the Open Records Law.

Cardholder Responsibilities

  • Provide your social security number and a valid address for billing purposes and notify US Bank of any changes in name, address, or contact information
  • Follow the University of Wisconsin–Madison travel and expense reimbursement policies and Purchasing Services Purchasing Policies and Procedures
  • Promptly pay My Corporate Card bills in full, when due, to avoid late charges
  • Work directly with US Bank to resolve billing disputes
  • Report lost or stolen cards to US Bank Customer Service at (800) 344-5696
  • Cancel cards upon termination, suspension or extended leave of absence from employment.

Real-Time Fraud Alerts

Real-time fraud alerts are available for My Corporate Card accounts. Sign up for this free service, and US Bank will notify you via text and/or email if suspicious activity has been detected on your card. To enroll in real-time fraud alerts, please complete the following:

  • Log in to Access Online at
  • Navigate to: My Personal Information > Account Alerts > Fraud Alerts to enroll.
  • Provide or confirm your contact information, select how you would like to receive your alerts (text/email), accept the terms and conditions, and click Submit.
  • If you receive a fraud alert via SMS text, your card will be put in “FR” (fraud) status, and subsequent activity will be declined. You will have 15 minutes to respond “valid” or “fraud".
      • By responding “valid,” the fraud block on your card will be cleared, and no further transactions will be affected.
      • By confirming “fraud,” your card will be protected from additional activity. You can either call the number provided in the text, or a U.S. Bank fraud agent will contact you shortly.
  • If you receive an email alert, you should call the service center number provided in your email.
    • You will not be able to respond to the email to clear the fraud.
    • The alert will follow the existing fraud-detection process, and a U.S. Bank fraud analyst will call you.

If you have any questions, please refer to these FAQs.

My Corporate Card Payment

US Bank will issue the My Corporate Card directly to the cardholder. As such, it will be governed by a contract that is solely between US Bank and the cardholder, who is personally responsible for paying all charges when due.


For cardholders using e-Reimbursement, all My Corporate Card transactions will automatically post to “My Wallet”. This allows the cardholder to simply import the reimbursable transactions into their expense report. See How to work with My Corporate Card Expenses in e-Reimbursement.


Transactions that are imported into the expense report from the “My Wallet” function or have the Payment Type, “Corporate Card,” selected will be paid directly to US Bank by the University according to the travel reimbursement regulations. If the traveler selects the Payment Type, “Personal Funds,” for the My Corporate Card transaction, the University will reimburse the traveler for all approved, allowable transactions upon receipt of a complete and properly documented expense report. As a condition of accepting reimbursement, the traveler agrees to use reimbursement money to pay off charges on the My Corporate Card. Any remaining balances are the responsibility of the cardholder.


The cardholder must pay the card balance in full by the next billing statement regardless of whether reimbursement has been received. Finance fees are assessed by US Bank if the balance becomes 61 days past due.

Card Termination

The My Corporate Card may be terminated by the bank, the program administrator, or the DOA–State Bureau of Procurement for the following reasons:

If an account is terminated due to delinquency or non-compliance, it cannot be reinstated.

Account Information

The cardholder's contract with US Bank allows authorized individuals within the State of Wisconsin to access information about the status of payments and charges to the My Corporate Card. Privacy of personal information will be governed by the cardholder's contract with US Bank.


If the State of Wisconsin were to contract with another financial institution other than US Bank in the future, the information used to open a current My Corporate Card may be transferred using confidential, secure methods to the new institution to provide continuous service. The policies set forth here would continue to be in effect.

Accessing Account Information Online

Cardholders can access their account information online via US Bank's, "Access Online" (see registration instructions here) or by downloading the mobile application.