WISDM Training and Support

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About the Training Tools

WISDM Training Manual for WISDM Beginners
This user manual is intended for new fiscal and business staff at UW-Madison. (PDF) It introduces the functionality of WISDM as a primary UW-Madison financial reporting system. You will learn how to navigate WISDM to perform various basic transaction searches. You will also learn some common financial and accounting terminologies used in the Shared Financial Systems (SFS). This manual will help you get ready to learn more about WISDM for Department/Division Administration and WISDM for Grant Management.

WISDM Training Manual for Divisional/Departmental Staff

This user manual teaches you how to navigate through WISDM and WISER to perform various financial data searches and queries to generate reports for your departments. (PDF) It includes tips on how to search data by organizations, identify various transactions types, perform vendor payment searches, look up payroll and salary encumbrances, and generate reports on purchase order activities. The manual also briefly explains various account trees and their appropriate usage.  The training introduces the WISER application for travel expenses.

If your job requires you reporting on projects/grants, you may also want to read WISDM Training Manual for Project/Grant Administration.

You can either view the manual on line in HTML format, or download it to your PC. You need to have PowerPoint installed on your PC if you download the file. Once downloaded, view the file in PowerPoint "slide show" to enhance your learning experience.