UW-Madison Ecommerce (CASHNet)

CASHNet allows departments on campus to develop storefronts on the internet and receive credit card payments 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using a stable, fast and secure server.

How CASHNet works:

  • The customer browses a merchant storefront and submits an order. The order information is passed along to CashNet's secure Web server where the customer enters their credit card information. CashNet processes the transaction and displays a confirmation or denial message.
  • The merchant gathers daily transaction information from the CashNet Administration web site. This information is used to perform daily reconciliation.

CashNet Transaction Lookup/Processing

View the PowerPoint (PDF) file.

Step 1
CashNet Login

  • CashNet website;
  • Recommend using Internet Explorer vs. Firefox.
  • Fill in the operator ID.
  • Password: You will be required to change your temporary password the first time you log in.
  • Fill in the station.
    You will be given your operator ID, temporary password and station ID by Business Services.
  • If you experience any problems logging in, contact CashNet-Help@bussvc.wisc.edu.
Step 1; CashNet Login
Step 2
Home Page
  • Navigate to Find Transactions and Reports from the home page.

Step 2; Home Page


Step 3
Find Transactions

  • Department–will be filled in
  • Fill in the station code
  • Search can be done by:
    Actual dates-Fill in the start date and the end date by clicking on the calendar. (Calendar not visible in Firefox)
  • Leaving the date fields blank, will result in viewing all transactions from start to the current date
  • Transaction Number
    Status-Check all boxes except memo and no sale
  • Closed=Transaction is completed
  • Cancelled=Transaction failed
  • Void=Transaction has been voided
  • No action is necessary for Source
  • Click Find
Step 3; Find Transactions

Step 4
Find Transactions-Results

  • This page displays the results from Find Transactions.
Step 4; Find Transactions- Results
Step 5

Transaction Detail

  • Transactions can be voided or refunded from this page.
  • Void-can be done before the batch closes at 9:00 PM Central Standard Time
Step 5; Transaction Detail
Step 6

Voided Transaction

  • The transaction will not appear in the credit card if it has been voided.
Step 6; Voided Transaction
Step 7

Refund of a Transaction

  • To refund all, click the ‘Refund all’ button on the top right corner and hit process.
  • To refund partial amount, enter the amount in Refund now and hit process
Step 7; Refund of a Transaction
Step 8


  • Click ‘Reports’ for a list of available reports in Cashnet.
    Under ‘Paid Items Reports’
  • Click on ‘Daily Paid Item Report,Order#,Name and Amount’
Step 8; Reports
Step 9


  • Select the time frame for the report. Example-today, last month, or custom and complete the to and from dates.
  • Select format, if a format other than pdf is needed and hit export to file.
  • Hit refresh
    To change criteria hit the customize button
Step 9; Report- Detail
Step 10

To Change Criteria for Reports

  • Complete the following fields- Duration and Date Range
  • Date Type-Click Actual
  • Transaction Status- Check Completed-to see successful transactions
  • Cancelled-for transactions that failed
  • Voided-for transactions that have been voided
  • Complete Merchant code-this will be the same as your Department code
  • Click OK
Step 10; To change criteria for Reports
Step 11

Daily Paid Item Report, Order Number, Name, and Amount

  • This report will provide the following data
  • Transaction Number
  • Order number
  • Name
  • Location
  • Date of transaction
  • Time of transaction
  • Amount
Step 11; Daily Paid Item Report, Order Number, Name, and Amount