Policy: 202.B-Meeting/Conference: Meal Expenses

Statement of Policy:

If the meeting/conference is held at the headquarters location of the majority of the attendees, a provided meal is acceptable only if the business could not be effectively conducted in such a manner so as to avoid the necessity of the meal. Meal expenses, including tax and tip, for UW/State employees included in the payment can be reimbursed only up to the maximum allowable.


The following documentation must accompany the request for payment to a vendor or reimbursement to the employee:

  1. The name, purpose, date and time (beginning/ending) of the meeting. A meeting agenda that includes all the required information is preferred.
  2. A list of meeting participants for whom expenses are to be paid, indicating name and affiliation, i.e., institution, state agency, business, etc.
  3. Original invoices/receipts itemizing the cost per meal and showing the total amount to be paid or reimbursed.
  4. Justification for holding the meeting over the meal period.

NOTE: The restrictions outlined in this section do not apply to UW-sponsored events attended primarily by the general public if participants pay a fee to cover such costs.

Related Procedures for e-Reimbursement Users:

Use expense type Event for:

Group receptions, refreshment breaks, meals, meetings and conferences, including tax, gratuity and/or service charges.

Enter the following required information after clicking on the "Detail" link at the end of the expense type line:


  • Number of People
  • Merchant
  • Location
  • Description: name of event, type of claim (e.g., break), official purpose

Related Documents:

Events-Meal Payment Form
For use with events that require payment/reimbursement for breakfast, lunch, or dinner meal expenses, including hosting expenses. Please use for all payment mechanisms (requisitions, expense reports, PIRs, purchasing cards).

Events-Meals/Receptions for the General Public
For use with UW Madison sponsored events for meals/reception expenses for the general publics attendance. Please use for all payment mechanisms (requisitions, expense reports, PIRs, purchasing cards).

Events-Participant List
Formatted participant list for use with event forms or payment/reimbursment mechanism for meals, refreshments, reception costs where a list of participants is required for payment.

UW Meeting/Conference Resources


Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions. Divisional Business Offices may contact uwtravel@bussvc.wisc.edu with questions.