Incoming Department Wire/ACH Form Instructions

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1. When working with your customer to wire/ACH money, send them our bank deposit information to their secure wire/ACH department.

2. Please request your customer put your department ID and invoice number, or contact person’s name, phone number on their ACH/Wire report.

3. Fill out Wire-Incoming Department Wire/ACH Form and hit the submit button to send an e-mail to Cash Management with the information completed on the form.

4. Send electronically to Cash Management copies of the invoice (s) and/or supporting documents describing the deposit.

5. If wire is designated as a "Gift" or the Fund coding is 233, send donor intent letter and gift routing form electronically to Gift Management.


Information Required

Customer Information
Name: Full name of customer submitting transaction
Address: Street/PO address of customer submitting transaction
City, State: Name of city and state (if applicable) of customer submitting transaction
Country: Name of country (if not USA) of customer submitting transaction
Communication Date: This is the date you communicated the amount due and the bank information to the payee/customer.
Accounting Details
Dollar Amount: Enter amount of expected payment from customer. Use commas and decimal point (ex. $1,000,000.00)
Check One: If the amount is exactly what will be received, check the box titled 'Exact Amount'. If the amount is only an estimate of what will be received, check the box titled 'Estimated Amount'.
Dept: 6-digit division/department code; see Coding Information at
Fund: 3-digit fund or appropriation; see Coding Information at
Prog: 1-digit program code; see Coding Information at
Project: 7-digit project associated with this Fund/department coding (if applicable).
Account: 4-digit revenue account code; see Coding Information at
Department Invoice No.: If applicable, enter the internal department accounts receivable number related to this receipt.
Your Information
Name: Your full name
Department: Your full department name
Phone: Your phone number; enter as (###) ###-####
Fax: Your fax number; enter as (###) ###-####

Your e-mail so we can contact you when the payment is received.

If you need to find out from us what the bank account number, routing number, and/or swift code is, ask for this information in the Comments box so we can e-mail it back to you.

Comments: Enter any additional information you deem important about receiving this payment, such as, date payee was informed of amount due and given information about our financial institution.


ACH: Acronym for Automated Clearing House. This is a nation wide batch-oriented electronic funds transfer system governed by the NACHA Operating Rules, which provide for inter-bank clearing of electronic payments for participating depository financial institutions. Usually used for domestic transactions.

Incoming Department Wire/ACH: Money transaction being received by UW Madison from a customer.

RSP: Department of Research and Sponsor Programs.

Wires: Electronic fund transfer system from one bank to another by telephone. Usually used for foreign transactions.


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