Events-Meals/Receptions for the General Public Form

Meal & reception expenses for the general public that are part of UW Madison sponsored events are payable if the criteria listed below is met. These types of events should be planned and located in such a way that convenience and accessibility for the participants is maximized and costs to them and the UW are minimized. Utilization of campus facilities is strongly encouraged.

A printed, completed copy of this form and the required documentation should be attached to the payment mechanism (e.g., e‑Reimbursement, Purchasing Card Log, Requisition, Direct Payment Form, or PIR). Individual meals are not payable on the Purchasing Card.

Event: Date:
Event Location: On Campus Off Campus
Note: When held in the headquarter city for the majority of the attendees, the event must be held on campus.
Was a fee collected from participants to cover costs? Yes No
Are the majority of the participants not UW/State employees? Yes No
If the answer to both questions is yes, please complete the rest of this form. NOTE: All registration fees must be deposited in the State Treasury. If you cannot answer yes to the questions above, an alternative event form should be selected from the following address: http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/acct/policy/meetcon/meetcon.html
1. Documentation Requirements: The brochure or registration form should indicate the costs, i.e., meals, beverages, breaks, etc., included in the fee. Registration fees must be charged for meals, beverages, lodging and other non-program-related costs.
Event brochure/registration form/ or agenda, which includes above information is attached (Preferred).
A detailed brochure/registration form/agenda is not attached because:

Event Name:
Number of attendees:
Date and time (beginning and ending):
2. Proof of Payment: (Check the box that pertains)
Original detailed invoice/receipt showing amount paid is attached. (Solitary credit card slips are not sufficient)
A copy or handwritten receipt is attached because:
Vendor will submit original invoice. (When form is used as part of the purchase order process.)
(Signature of Approving Official) Not required if included in the payment mechanism.