Expense Reimbursement




Travelers are individuals seeking reimbursement for travel and business-related expenses. Travelers can enter their own expenses in e-Reimbursement, or if they prefer, can assign an alternate to enter on their behalf. Whether expenses are entered by the traveler or an alternate, travelers must submit their own expense reports for approval.


Note: "Traveler" is the term used in e-Reimbursement to describe the claimant. Not all expenses will be incurred while in travel status.

Which tool should I use to submit my expenses?

Do you need to use one of the following features?

  • Cash Advance
  • Travel Authorization
  • Relocation
  • Group Travel (includes Athletic Team travel)
  • Import My Wallet Transactions

If No...





If Yes...





NOTE: GET can currently be used to submit the vast majority of expense reimbursement requests; however, while development continues, Travelers/Alternates may need to use e-Reimbursement in certain circumstances. Please see the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Process Map to determine which tool will best suit your needs.

Important Information for Travelers:

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Note: For trip planning resources, please visit the Travel Center.