Expense Reimbursement


Date Title Description
09/14/17 e-Reimbursements Expense Types and Billing Types for e-Reimbursement document has been updated.
Business Purposes for e-Reimbursement document has been updated.
02/21/17 Notification Enhancements GET users will now receive an email notification when their expense report has been fully approved for payment.
02/21/17 e-Reimbursement Enhancements Please see memo and screenshots regarding enhanced functionality to e-Reimbursement for selecting Accounting Defaults and the new text on the Send Back link.
02/17/17 Scheduled Outage e-Reimbursement will be unavailable due to a scheduled outage Tuesday, February 21 from approximately 4:30-5:30 p.m.
02/08/17 GET Enhancement - New Alerts added to GET to support Policy 201-Travel Please see memo for details.

12/12/16 Expense Report Accountable Plan Communication Please see memo for details.
10/28/16 e-Reimbursement/GET Enhancement e-Reimbursement will now look at the first line of the expense report and apply the funding on that expense line to the Accounting Default link when a GET report loads into e-Reimbursement for approval. This will also allow the Approvers and Auditors to change the funding on the expense lines using the Accounting Default link. Note: The funding on the expense lines will continue to remain as they were entered into GET.
05/16/16 GET Enhancements - Attachments and more Please see memo for details regarding GET Enhancements.
03/04/14 New Business Purpose for Expense Reimbursement “Student Travel” has been added to the list of available Business Purposes for expense reimbursement.  Please see Business Purposes for Expense Reimbursement for the full list of business purpose categories and descriptions for use.
02/04/14 Updates to My UW and Expense Reimbursement Website The links within the My UW Services Tab have been updated due to the campus-wide implementation of the Guided Expense Tool (GET). We replaced the e-Reimbursement link with a link to the Expense Reimbursement website, where users are instructed to login to either GET or e-Reimbursement, depending on the specifics of their reimbursement request.  Our goal was to avoid unnecessary confusion about which tool should be used.  If you prefer, you can bypass My UW by navigating directly to the Expense Reimbursement website.
01/28/14 New Online Tool for Expense Reimbursement Business Services Helps You "GET" Reimbursed
"I am so pleased to introduce campus to this new tool. It's a wonderful example of the "service" in Business Services and the outcome of some impressive teamwork."
What has Martha Kerner, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Business Services, so happy? This week marks the rollout of the new Guided Expense Tool (GET) for expense reimbursement submission. GET will become the primary campus tool for submitting expense reports over the course of the year, while e-Reimbursement remains as an alternative.
Click here for more information
12/06/13 Updated “How To” for e-Reimbursement Auditors How to Reconcile a Cash Advance in e-Reimbursement (Auditor Role) has been updated to include the use of Cash Management’s new Check Deposit Form in lieu of the Vendor Refund Form.
12/05/13 e-Reimbursement Workflow Issue On December 4, 2013, Approvers/Auditors reported some unusual behavior in e-Reimbursement.  Expense reports that had a status of “Paid” were appearing in approval queues for another round of approval.  Other reports were routed to the Workflow Administrators for no apparent reason.  Administrators have been communicating updates  to the e-Reimbursement Division Coordinators.  Please click here for a full communication history.
10/18/13 e-Reimbursement Documentation Updated for 9.1 Upgrade See How To's for updated instructions.
07/15/13 e-Reimbursement Outage during SFS Upgrade Due to the Shared Financial System (SFS) upgrade, e-Reimbursement will be unavailable from 5:30pm on Wednesday, October 16, 2013 through 8:00am on Tuesday, October 22, 2013.  During this time, e-Reimbursement workflow must be cleared; therefore, any submitted but not fully approved transactions will automatically be sent back to the travelers with instructions to resubmit after the upgrade is completed on 10/22/2013.  Further information will follow.  If you have immediate questions, please contact Stefanie Merucci or Meghann Suchomel.
07/01/13 Increase Meal Rates Established in e-Reimbursement The Joint Committee on Employment Relations approved the 2013-2015 Compensation Plan, which includes changes to travel policy and rates. Click here for further details.  These rates have been loaded in e-Reimbursement and will automatically apply to meal expenses dated July 1, 2013 or later.
03/25/13 Edit Check Enhancement The e-Reimbursement Team, in collaboration with the APR – Traveler Team, is pleased to announce an improvement to the Edit Check process in e-Reimbursement. The Edit Check process verifies that the funding strings applied to expenses in e-Reimbursement are valid prior to posting to the General Ledger. Beginning March 27, 2013, users will be alerted of funding errors in real-time without having to run a separate process as was previously necessary. See attached for details outlining how this new process will improve your e-Reimbursement experience.
1/9/13 New website launch! Welcome to our new and improved website! We welcome and appreciate your feedback. Feel free to contact us.