Expense Reimbursement




Alternates are individuals assigned to employee or non-employee profiles to enter expenses in e-Reimbursement. Alternates working on behalf of non-employees can enter and submit reports for approval; however, employees must submit their own reports.


Note: Prior to entry, alternates must be assigned:

Which tool should I use to submit my expenses?

Do you need to use one of the following features?

  • Cash Advance
  • Travel Authorization
  • Relocation
  • Group Travel (includes Athletic Team travel)
  • Import My Wallet Transactions

If No...





If Yes...





NOTE: GET can currently be used to submit the vast majority of expense reimbursement requests; however, while development continues, Travelers/Alternates may need to use e-Reimbursement in certain circumstances. Please see the Travel and Expense Reimbursement Process Map to determine which tool will best suit your needs.

Important Information for Alternates:

Additional Resources for Alternates:

How To's for Alternates


Note: For trip planning resources, please visit the Travel Center.