e-Reimbursement Traveler Responsibilities

Travelers are individuals seeking reimbursement for travel and business-related expenses. Travelers can enter their own expenses in e-Reimbursement, or if they prefer, can assign an alternate to enter on their behalf. Prior to incurring expenses, Travelers are encouraged to review the responsibilities below.

Note: "Traveler" is the term used in e-Reimbursement to describe the claimant. Not all expenses will be incurred while in travel status.

  • Know and comply with UW-Madison Accounting Services policies and any internal policies/procedures established by the Divisional Business Office.
  • Ensure that expenses are actual, reasonable and personally incurred while performing official duties.
  • Ensure that expenses are business related and support the mission of the Division/Department.
  • Include all required information and supporting details that pertain to the expense claimed in the expense report or the receipt packet.
  • Submit expense reports within 90 days of the last date of travel or the date the expense was incurred.
  • Reconcile Cash Advances within 30 days of the last date of travel.
  • Provide the department Approver with proper receipts and supporting documentation as outlined in Policy 201.L – Receipt Requirements.
  • Be prepared to justify any costs or claims questioned by reviewers.
  • Resubmit reports that have been sent back by an Approver/Auditor with requested additional explanation/justification of expenses.
  • If paid claims are determined to be inappropriate or out-of-policy, the Traveler is required to reimburse the university for the amount paid.