My Default Profile

e-Reimbursement pulls employee profile information from the Human Resource System (HRS), which includes appointment start and end dates and funding information (e.g. Department, Fund, Program, Project).  When creating an expense report in e-Reimbursement, the funding specified in an employee’s default profile will populate the “Accounting Defaults” within the report.  Employees can request updates to their profile information which may eliminate the need for manual changes or allow for submission of expenses incurred prior to the employee’s hire date.  To request a change to a default profile, contact the DoIT Help Desk.

Note: When the system recognizes an update from HRS (e.g. new appointment, data change), the e-Reimbursement profile information is automatically updated.  This results in an override of any manual changes that have previously been made.

Requesting New Default Funding

Employees may have multiple appointments at UW – Madison; however, only one can be identified as the default profile.  When the system has selected a profile that is not desired, manual changes can be made to update the current funding; however, in order for system administrators to change the Department ID in an employee’s default profile, that employee must have an active appointment in the desired department.

Submitting Expenses that Were Incurred prior to an Employee’s Start Date

Employees may incur business-related expenses prior to their appointment start dates (e.g. interview expenses).  In order to submit these expenses, the employee’s “Start Date” needs to be backdated to the date of the first expense.