WISER Rollout

WISER, the updated and redesigned version of WISDM, is a modern, web-based Enterprise Reporting tool that has been developed by DoIT for all campuses in the UW System.

WISER contains financial and demographic data from SFS, HRS and certain legacy transactions presented as online reports and transactional line detail. Department, expense, transaction, and payroll reports are currently available in the system. Future enhancements include AP/PO reporting and funding validation searches.

WISER will be implemented using a phased rollout approach with the Department Search, Transaction Search, and Payroll Reports going live December 12, 2017.

Information sessions intended to provide a high level overview of WISER are scheduled in December. The sessions are for staff who currently use WISDM and would like a high level overview of WISER. The sessions are not intended for new hires, nor for those seeking WISER training, rather, it seeks to bridge knowledge gaps between the two reporting tools.

This class will also cover the appearance of WISER compared to WISDM and minor differences incorporated into WISER based on user feedback. The following sessions currently have open registration: