Using UPS vs. FedEx

When utilizing shipping for University business, we encourage you to use UPS as your shipping provider because of the following benefits:

  • UPS has more competitive shipping rates than FedEx, ranging from 10-15% lower, depending on the package.
  • UPS has a dedicated Sales and Customer Service representatives to help with issues.
  • UPS Campus Ship invoice payments are automated and require less time to audit.
Please see Business Services website “How To” pages under Shipping for further information and UPS contact information.

UPS and FedEx Invoices

UPS invoices paid via funding string on Campus Ship REQUIRE a default funding string. If you need to change your default funding string, please email the change to the freight email box at Include UPS account number and User ID(s). The default funding string will show in “Reference #1”. You only need to add a funding string in “Reference #2” if the shipment needs to be charged to something other than the default. Coding not submitted in the correct format or incomplete coding will be charged to the default coding for the department. This will necessitate Non-Salary Cost Transfers to move the charges between funding strings.

FedEx invoices need name and phone number of person approving invoice on the first page and either a summary of all charges allocated by funding string on page one or every package needs to have a complete funding string listed.

Funding String Format

In order to help decrease the amount of errors, please submit your coding in any of the Reference Fields in this format: Department (6-digits), space, Fund (3-digits), space, Program (1-digit), space, Project (if one is needed, 7-digits). You do not need to include the 3710 Account Code, as that will be defaulted.

Correct coding will look like this (when there is no project): 030500 101 5

Or like this (when there is a project): 030500 101 5 PRJXX55