Purchase Order Invoice Submissions

Historically Accounts Payable has had Delegation Audit Agreements with certain departments allowing them to submit invoices directly to us. Our AP-Invoices email box is not being used as intended.

All PO invoices should be submitted to Accounts Payable by the Vendor, with some exceptions.


  • The correct submission of a Purchase Order invoice is included when the vendor receives the initial Purchase Order contract. The following information is included with every Purchase Order:
  • Important Information for Suppliers

    To ensure prompt payment of invoices, they must be submitted to:
           The University of Wisconsin-Madison
           Accounts Payable
           21 North Park Street, Suite 5301
           Madison, WI 53715-1218

    Or emailed to:

           This is an unattended automated email box, so do not send invoice inquiries to this        address. Purchase Order numbers must be included on every invoice. Each        unique invoice must be submitted as a unique PDF. Do not combine multiple invoices        into a single PDF.

            Invoice inquiries should be sent to: uwmsnap@bussvc.wisc.edu

           Do not send invoices to the ordering department, order inquiry address, or the delivery        address as this will delay payment of your invoice.

  • Invoices received on Campus are to be paid within 30 days per State Statute 16.528 or we owe interest.
  • It will reduce duplicate invoices. If someone in your department sends you an invoice with the billing address of 21 N. Park St., Suite 5301 it is probably a duplicate. Chances are we have received a copy in Accounts Payable already.
  • To see an invoice before we pay it you can set the Purchase Order up for Positive Approval.
  • You can see a copy of the invoice in Wisdm after we pay it.


  • If the invoice is past due or over 30 days old, please submit immediately to Accounts Payable
  • Delegated Audit Agreement with Accounts Payable.

Beginning July 1, 2019 Accounts Payable will dispute purchase order invoices without the correct billing address that have been submitted by departments to Account Payable by email, campus mail or dropped off.

The Billing Address on the invoice should be:
21 N. Park Street, Suite 5301
Madison, WI 53715-1218

Please contact your vendors to update the billing address if it is not correct.