NEW Enterprise Fleet Management System

Enterprise Fleet Management System (EFMS) is the new system from the Wisconsin Department of Administration (DOA) that will manage UW-Madison driver authorizations along with other fleet functions. EFMS replaced FleetAnywhere. and went live October 6, 2017.

With the new system, Electronic Vehicle Use Agreements (EVUA) will be submitted and stored electronically for all individuals with a UW-Madison NetID.

Individuals, both existing drivers and new prospective drivers, who seek to drive for any university business (including fleet vehicles, university vehicles, rental vehicles or personal vehicles for business purposes) must complete a new EVUA in the Enterprise Fleet Management System.

Following are some of the key points to be aware of as a driver for university business:

  • All new prospective drivers seeking to gain driver approval must now use the new Enterprise Fleet Management System.
  • All drivers seeking to reserve a UW-Madison Fleet Vehicle must have their new EVUA completed in order to reserve a vehicle from fleet or prior to any rental request.
  • All other drivers must have their EVUA completed as soon as possible, but no later than December 15, 2017 (date our old FleetAnywhere system is deactivated) in order to drive university vehicles, be reimbursed for personal vehicle business use, allowed to rent vehicles from external providers and to be covered by the State of Wisconsin auto liability coverage.
  • Drivers currently approved in the outgoing FleetAnywhere are currently still authorized to drive, however the above deadlines must be met.
For additional information on the new Enterprise Fleet Management System see the Driver Authorization Changes memo.