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Updates to Purchasing Card Policies/Procedures

Purchasing Cardholders Cannot Be Site Managers: Effective May 1, 2018, the UW-Madison Purchasing Card Program will not allow individuals to be both purchasing cardholders and purchasing card site managers. Historically, this has been allowed provided a cardholder was not responsible for managing and reviewing/auditing their own card transaction statements. The priority to improve financial internal controls requires this practice to be discontinued; providing clear definitions of purchasing card transaction review/audit responsibilities, independent of purchasing authority, and segregating duties and practices that will further mitigate even the appearance of opportunities for fraudulent card use.

Purchasing Card Policy #300 has been updated to reflect this change. The Division of Business Services Accounting Services unit will no longer approve purchasing card applications from individuals who are already purchasing card site managers or accept and approve Site Manager Forms from individuals who are already purchasing cardholders.

Accounting Services has contacted affected cardholders and site managers to request updates to their current program setup, discontinuing the practice of site managers having purchasing cards. Please note that all updates are required by April 30, 2018. Should there not be a response by that date, it will be assumed purchasing card responsibilities are being relinquished and purchasing cards held by site managers will be cancelled.

Supervisor Approval Required on Purchasing Card Applications: Beginning in April 2018, purchasing card applications will require approval from an applicant's supervisor prior to routing to the site manager and Divisional Business Office for approvals. When completing the Purchasing Card Automated Application & Agreement, an applicant will be required to enter the email address of their supervisor prior to submission. Applications route electronically for approval. Supervisors can expect to receive the approval requests from "". Divisional Business Offices are expected to review the supervisor approval for accuracy and deny any applications that were routed inappropriately.

Changes to Check Distribution Procedures

In an effort to strengthen check distribution procedures, Accounting Services has made the following changes, effective April 10, 2018:

  • Checks cannot be mailed to a central person in a division or department. They must be addressed directly to the payee.
  • Couriers may not pick up checks.
  • Checks may be picked up in Accounts Payable office by the payee and identification will be required.
  • Divisions and Departments that must pick up checks will be required to submit a form signed by the Division CFO. These will be very limited.
There is a grace period until May 1, 2018 for departments and divisions to modify internal processes to the new check distribution procedures.

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Capability to Upload Expense Reimbursement Attachments

When the PeopleSoft Shared Financial System 9.2 upgrade rolls out (targeted for October 2018), Accounting Services will begin requiring all necessary receipts to be attached to the claim. The upgrade will have functionality that allows travelers, alternates, approvers and auditors to add attachments to claims. Approvers and auditors will not be able to delete attachments from travel claims.

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Business Services Training

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