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Moving Expense Reimbursements
Tax Law Change Effective January 1, 2018

Part of the tax reform bill that was signed into law on December 22, 2017 repeals the employee tax exclusion for moving expenses for 2018 through 2025 and then reinstates it in 2026. Under prior law (before 01/01/2018), qualified moving expense reimbursements were excludable from an employee's gross income and from the employee's wages for employment tax purposes.

Effective January 1, 2018 through December 31, 2025 - the new law suspends the exclusion from gross income and wages for qualified moving expense reimbursements for calendar years 2018 through 2025.

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Mileage Reimbursement Rates for Privately Owned Vehicle
Change Effective January 1, 2018

Mileage reimbursement rates vary depending on the circumstances. Employees driving a privately owned vehicle on UW business will be reimbursed at the Standard Rate if the accumulated round trip mileage is less than 300 miles. Employees driving a privately owned vehicle on UW business will be reimbursed at the Turndown Rate if the accumulated round trip mileage is more than 300 miles. Employees whose headquarter city is not Madison, non-employees and job applicant interview candidates are reimbursed at the Standard Rate regardless of the trip length.

See specific rates and more information.

Travel Advisory Group (TAG) Reinstated

Based on the results of the UWSA 2017 travel survey, 17 representatives from across campus have assembled to participate in the current Travel Advisory Group. The group plans to meet every other month for one year and will discuss travel related issues and begin establishing guidance on policies and procedures. If you have any questions or suggestions you can contact the Travel Center at

See the TAG Participants.

Fiscal Year 2018 Timetable

The FY 2018 Timetable for year-end processing deadlines has been published and can be found on the Accounting Services website.

Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Insurance
Self-Enrollment Option

UW-Madison Risk Management is providing a new online option for individuals to self-enroll in the Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance program utilizing their credit card. CISI coverage provides medical, travel, emergency assistance, and liability coverages while traveling abroad. The coverage is mandated by UWSA for all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program and is strongly recommended for UW-Madison faculty and staff.

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UPS and Fed Ex News

When utilizing shipping for University business, we encourage you to use UPS as your shipping provider. Using UPS under the Wisconsin State Contract will save 10%-15% on costs over Fed Ex shipping.

In an effort to increase cost savings on shipping, the campus Fed Ex accounts have also been moved to the State Contract. Going forward, if you have a Fed Ex account, please populate the Customer Reference field with the correct funding string using the following format: Department (6-digits), space, Fund (3-digits), space, Program (1-digit), space, Project (if one is needed, 7-digits). You do not need to include the 3710 Account Code, as that will be defaulted.

Example: 030500 101 5 PRJXX55

If Reference 2 is populated with a funding string, we will use that funding over the Customer Reference.

Continue to send your invoices to Accounts Payable. In the future, we will be contacting you to transition to an automated billing process where Accounts Payable receives the bill and pays it, with you having access to view your invoices.

Please contact Denise McDearmon at if you would like to open a new UPS or Fed Ex shipping account or if you have any questions. Following this new procedure will ensure that you get the correct contract pricing.

Mark Your Calendar!
2018 Financial Management Meeting (FMM) Schedule

- February 13
- April 10
- June 12
- August 14
- October 9
- December 11

All meetings are scheduled from 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. in Rooms 1106/1108 at 21 N. Park Street.

DoBS Staff

  • Congratulations to Kathy Virnig who retired in December 2017 after 40 years at UW-Madison. Sara DeMuri has joined the Cash Management team and was able to train with Kathy on Custodian Funds, check deposits and revenue transfers. You can contact Sara at
  • Casey Wampler has (re)joined the MDS/SWAP team. Casey will be administering the Shop@UW site as well as leading the Shop@UW Customer Service team and can be reached at
  • Karyn Schroeder has joined the Accounts Payable team as a Purchase Order Auditor for vendors' names that start with T - Zand #'s. Karyn can be contacted at
  • The Property Control team welcomes Tony Lotten, Accountant. You can expect to hear from him soon on topics related to your capital equipment. Tony can be reached at
  • Graig Brooks has joined the Travel and Card Team and the Expense Reimbursement Program Manager. He has extensive knowledge of the the GET and e-Reimbursement tools and is well versed in the travel and expense policies. Graig can be reached at
  • Laura Rader has agreed to to serve as interim Bursar following Carla Perez' recent transition. Laura can be reached at
  • In addition to managing his strategic procurement categories including advertising, A/V equipment, printers/copiers and transportation/parking, Marty Rostermundt is serving as Interim Procurement Support Manager, supervising the purchasing associates and student employees who provide bid and purchase order/transaction support. You can contact Marty at