Risk Management offers New Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) Options

Risk Management has developed a new option for individuals to self-enroll online in the Cultural Insurance Services International (CISI) insurance program utilizing a credit card. This also includes the ability for campus departments to utilize their P-Card to purchase and enroll individuals in the CISI program via the on-line method.

CISI Coverage:

  • provides Medical, Travel, Emergency Assistance, and Liability Coverages while traveling abroad.
  • is mandated by UWSA for all University of Wisconsin students studying/traveling abroad under a UW sponsored program.
  • is strongly recommended for UW-Madison faculty and staff.
  • has a separate program available for dependents. See http://www.bussvc.wisc.edu/risk_mgt/international%20health%20insurance.html for details.

CISI Online Credit Card Purchase Option for Self-Enrollment:

  • allows participants to enroll themselves directly (with credit card) in the CISI group insurance plan created for UW-Madison sponsored international programs and activities. To purchase coverage via credit card go to https://www.mycisi.com/CISIPortalWeb/pub/SelfEnrollment.aspx?sponsor=UWMAD and follow the enrollment instructions. Individuals may contact UW-Madison Risk Management (262-8926), riskmgmt@bussvc.wisc.edu for complete details or questions.
  • allows individuals to use personal credit card, My Corporate Card or P-Card for this enrollment option.
  • provides personalized ID enrollment card, consulate letter as well as a detailed coverage brochure with claim form and contact information via email upon successful completion of self-enrollment.
  • NOTE – This does not replace existing enrollment methods, rather an excellent option.