Gift Fund Use Practices Update

A policy for gift management and gift acceptance and use procedures are in development to help provide additional guidance for Schools, Colleges and Auxiliaries in the use of gift funds.

One of the objectives is to provide additional clarity regarding use of University gift funds in compliance with University policies (233, 533 for Athletics) to pay for activities of Division's/Department's. The general guiding principle is that if an activity has a relationship to the University instruction, research and/or service mission, expenses allowable using University funds for the activity should be paid from funds drawn over from the Foundation to the University.

The Foundation is prepared to administer all aspects of an event if the event is purely developmental in nature (such as a golf outing) including contracting for goods and services and paying vendors directly. However, subject to the size and scale of the event, just as a department would need to have lead-time to plan and execute a mission related activity, Foundation personnel require sufficient lead-time in order for the Foundation to handle the event. Providing definitive guidance on lead-time is dependent on the event, but may be as much as 3 to 6 to 12 months depending on number of vendors involved, logistics, etc. Note that the Foundation will only accept responsibility for directly paying vendor contracts for Foundation-managed events.

Further information to follow. Should you have questions in the interim, please feel free to direct your questions to your Deans/Directors Divisional Business Office or