Policy Changes

The following policies have been updated to reflect changes initiated by UW System Administration. Below are highlights of the changes:

  • 201.H - Lodging
    The changes to the lodging policy are required to place an emphasis on the use of Concur as a cost savings measure for reserving lodging in general and to promote the preferred rates provided by contract vendors. As a reminder, even if a traveler reserves lodging through Concur (preferred vendor or not), the traveler cannot exceed the lodging maximum for the location without documented justification as indicated below.
    • The University has contracts with various lodging suppliers in top travel destinations, including Wisconsin. UW contract rates, which provide opportunities for lodging savings, are only offered within Concur or directly with Fox World Travel agents. Travelers and travel arrangers are encouraged to take advantage of the contract rates when available at the location. Location-specific lodging contract details are available in the University Lodging Directory.
    • Travelers and travel arrangers are expected to research rates and reserve lodging using Concur or Fox World Travel to take advantage of potential cost savings. If more cost effective rates are available outside of Concur/Fox World Travel, travelers and travel arrangers may reserve lodging directly with a lodging property or, for external conference reservations, with a conference service/site.
    • Conference rates are not available in Concur; however, rates found in Concur/Fox World Travel may be less than conference rates. Travelers and travel arrangers are expected to search Concur/Fox World Travel for their conference hotel(s) prior to finalizing lodging arrangements. Alternatively, travelers and travel arrangers must contact the lodging facility directly or utilize the conference/event link to obtain the conference rate.
    • If a lodging rate is not available within the University‚Äôs maximum when booking the hotel, travelers and travel arrangers should first check Concur/Fox World Travel to ensure there was not a more favorable rate available prior to making the reservation. A cost comparison from Concur/Fox World Travel must be attached to the payment mechanism.
    • The restriction for payment/reimbursement of resort fees was removed from policy.
  • 201.D - Vehicle Rental and Gas
    • The University participates in the Big Ten Alliance contract with Enterprise and National Car Rental. Use of the contract is required for employees and non-employees traveling on UW business who meet the minimum driving age of 18. Authorized drivers between the ages of 18 and 20 are restricted to domestic rentals only. See UW-Madison Risk Management for UW-Madison driver authorization guidance.
    • When Enterprise or National do not serve the location of travel or when vehicles are not available, Hertz, under the State of Wisconsin WSCA contract may be used.
    • Vehicles may be reserved via the following methods:
      • Concur: The contract booking tool is accessible through UW TravelWIse. Contract vehicle rental rates are automatically applied when reservations are made in Concur.
      • Fox World Travel: To reserve a vehicle, travelers can contact Fox World Travel directly at (866) 230-8787 (toll free) or (920) 230-6467. Contract vehicle rental rates are automatically applied when reservations are made through Fox World Travel.
    • Dependent on the vehicle source, non-employee passengers may require prior authorization from Risk Management.
    • Use of 12-15 passenger vans is not allowable unless pre-authorized by UW-Madison Risk Management.
  • 201.N - Relocation
    • Graebel is no longer a contracted vendor.
    • A contract has been signed with Nelson Westerberg for Spring/Summer 2017 relocations.
    • Piepho is still a contracted vendor.


Travelers and departmental staff should contact their respective Divisional Business Office for policy or procedural questions. Divisional Business Offices may e-mail uwtravel@bussvc.wisc.edu with questions.