The following outlines Account Changes and Class Code Requirements for Fiscal Year 2018:

  • Travel, Training-Tuition and Fees Account Codes
    Refer to the Fiscal Year 2018 Account Code and Class Code Changes list.
    This change is being made because all UW campuses are now using the SFS Expense Module and the 2800 codes are built into the Expense Module. By changing the code structure for P-Cards/POs and Direct Payments the travel codes will be consistent for travel whether travel is being purchased through P-Cards/POs/Direct Payments or being reimbursed through the Expense Module. The end result should be better campus and system-wide data for travel expenditures.
    • With the exception of 2140 and 2145 used for Fleet and 2164 used for Team Travel, most of the 21XX travel codes have been deleted as of 7/2/2017. In the future these expenses should be paid on a 28XX account code.
    • The existing account code for 2164 Travel -Team Travel will be available however, that account will require a class code. See the class code tab in the attached spreadsheet for the list of class codes for account code 2164. This requirement applies to Purchase Orders as well
    • Account codes 2893-Event Catering, 2894-Event A/V, and 2895-Event Meeting Space have been added to accommodate meeting expense reimbursements submitted through the Expense Module. Account codes 3780 and 3781 will be deleted.
    • Account codes 2180 Training & Develop-Career-UG and 2181 Training & Develop Career Grad are being combined into 2180 Training & Develop-Career. Reimbursement for both undergrad and grad courses should be coded to 2180, as they are both subject to the $5,250 tax reporting limits. Account code 2181 will be inactivated. Account Code 2184 Training & Development-Job Rel remains unchanged.
  • Capital Building Construction, Building Improvement and Land Improvement Account Codes
    This change is being made to ensure we are capturing accurate building information in SFS to assist with Building Reconciliation and Reporting.
    • Effective FY18 all new building construction should be coded to account code 4510 - Buildings - New Construction.
    • Effective FY18 there will be an edit in SFS and related applications that will require a class code (building/facility code) for the following capital expenditure accounts. Please refer to the list of Building and Facility Codes. This requirement also applies to all new and existing FY18 purchase orders.
      • 4490 - Land Improvements - Cost of improvements to lands which increases the usefulness and value. Include: Cyclone fencing, stone walls, newly surfaced roadways, drainage systems, new sewage and water lines, ponds, outdoor lighting, wells and special assessments for land improvements. Include Grounds #.
      • 4510 - Buildings - New Construction ** Buildings - New Construction - Costs associated to construct a UW owned building. Include fees paid to architects and consultants (external or internal) for designs. Use account code 2628 for design fees related to projects not approved. All transactions to 4510 require a building number in the class field. Building improvements and betterments should be coded to account 4520.
      • 4520 - Building & Attached Fixtures - Costs associated with purchase or construction of UW-owned buildings, building additions, and betterments. Costs which constitute a full betterment to a building should be charged to this code (Example: installation of an elevator system; permanent air conditioning system; security system; sprinkler system for fire prevention, etc.). Include fees paid to architects and consultants (external and internal) for designs, plans and specifications. Use account code 2628 for design fees related to projects not approved. Use Account 2420 for building maintenance and repair costs which do not add value to a building (Example: replacement carpeting, office remodeling; window replacement, etc.). Include Building #.