UDDX - Inquiry to UDDS File

UDDX shows a division's organizational structure and valid activities for a UDDS. It can also be used to search for a department's UDDS number. UDDS stands for Unit/Division/Department/Subdepartment.

Important Things to Know:

UDDX is a CONVERSATIONAL transaction.

Access to the UDDS file is restricted to "Read Only" for most users.

How to Access:

To use the UDDX primary menu key:

UDDX (key 1 space) [Enter]

Fill in the primary menu as desired and press Enter. The choices on this menu are explained below under "Definitions of Primary Menu".

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When all fields on the primary menu are completed, the UDDX data screen is returned. The fields on this menu are explained below under "Definitions of UDDX Data Screen". To view another UDDS from this screen, simply change the Option, TRX (transaction mode and identifier) and Key fields at the top of the screen and press ENTER. To return to the primary menu, key a "C" in the option field and press ENTER.

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If the "Key" field is left blank on the primary menu, a "Primary Key Selection Screen" will be displayed. This screen prompts you for the UDDS code. Key in the UDDS code and press ENTER to display the UDDX Data Screen.

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If the "Identifier" and "Key" fields are left blank on the primary menu, or if you enter an identifier for which you are not authorized, a "Secondary Option Selection" screen will be displayed. This screen lists the identifiers for which you are authorized. Enter the Identifier and the UDDS code that you want and press ENTER to display the UDDX Data Screen.

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If you do not know the complete UDDS number for the department you wish to view, you may enter a partial UDDS. For example, if you need the UDDS number for Accounting Services, and you know that it is a part of UW Madison (unit A) and part of Business Services (division 03), you may enter the unit and division only as follows: A03>. A "Secondary Key Selection" screen will be displayed.

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You can now do one of the following:

1. Press ENTER to page forward, displaying 18 UDDS records per page.
2. Input the selection number from the first column for the UDDS you would like to display and press ENTER to display the UDDX Data Screen.
3. Backtab, key in the desired "Option", "TRX" (transaction mode and identifier) and "KEY" and press ENTER to display the UDDX Data Screen.
4. Backtab to "Option", input "C" and press ENTER to return to the primary menu.

It is possible to bypass the primary menu by keying the Option, Transaction Mode, Identifier and Key from the original input screen. For example, to view the UDDX data screen for A030500, key UDDX D6UDa030500.

How to Exit:

If you are viewing the UDDX data screen or if you are viewing one of the optional menus, you can exit by entering a "C" in the Option field. You will be returned to the primary menu. To exit the UDDX transaction completely, enter a "C" in the Option field on the primary menu and press ENTER.

Definitions of Primary Menu:

OPTION Choose "D" to view a UDDX data screen. Choose "C" to exit the UDDX transaction and return to a blank (original entry) screen.
TRANSACTION MODE Transaction mode 6 will usually be the option chosen. Transaction modes 1 through 5 are not available to most users.
IDENTIFIER Choices include:
  • UD for the Accounting Structure
  • MB for the Madison Budget Structure
  • SM for the Space Management Structure
  • FR for the Financial Reporting Structure
  • PR for the Payroll Structure.

The Accounting Structure (UD) is the most common and is the one described in this section.
KEY Enter the UDDS code to see the most current record for that UDDS. To view UDDS information for a specific budget year, enter the UDDS code, space over to position 12, and enter the budget year.

Definitions of UDDX Data Screen: Most of the information on this screen is self-explanatory. Fields that may be confusing are:

EFF DATE This is the date the UDDS was created. It is in a YY MM DD format.
BUDGET YR: This field can be ignored. Instead use the "Eff Bud Year" field to identify the budget year for which this UDDS was set up.
INV BUD YEAR Invalid budget year; identifies the last fiscal year that the UDDS was valid
INV DATE Not Applicable.
COMP DATE Not Applicable.
NO-AD ACTS Identifies activities that are restricted to specific funds within a UDDS for budget purposes.
FROM UDDS & TO UDDS Used by Accounting Services for end-of-fiscal-year processing to handle a UDDS that is ending.
RECORD TYPE Not Applicable.
SPLIT CODE Not Applicable.
SUB CAMPUS CODE Not Applicable.
TENURE Not Applicable.
TYPE Not Applicable.
LEVEL Not Applicable.
SUB CODE Not Applicable.
INV CODE Not Applicable.
CHG CODE Not Applicable.